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Honest, this is it!

I have had several of these things all over the place, and I always think of things to write. The one on MSN Spaces hasn't been updated since March. I was going to use it as a weight loss journal, as I worked to cut some weight. I'm now 10 pounds lighter than when I started over there, but not a single update. I guess I got frustrated that the mobile blog type of thing didnt work from my phone.
I think I'll keep the one on AIM and use it as a 2 line per post kind of thing. With a 2 line max, I can write stuff, but keep it short and sweet. I like that I can post things via AIM as well.
Since I'm cutting down on /.ing at work, I havent updated the slashdot one in a while, too. But cutting back on /. has helped my productivity, big time. But I still make time for it at la casa.
But this one, I would like to incorporate Flickr and other junk too.
Once my new apartment gets set up, I would also like to get some VBlogging going on, sorta like But for that, I would have to break out the camera and such. Good thing there is a good guide out there for those looking to start Vlogging.
So, my commitment to you, dear reader, is to post several times a week. I won't say 7 and I won't go as low at 1. There is a lot of stuff going on right now, and with all these changes, now is a great time to get it going again!


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