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An excellent Weekend

The weekend kicked off with a bang at the Tori Amos concert. The set list was ok, with only a few of my faves making it. The Backyard has changed a ton from the last time I was there. It used to look like a cozy amphitheater in the middle of the woods. Now, its an amphitheater in what looks like a strip mall. I wouldn't be surprised if you could see Old Navy or Kohls over the stage once the construction is complete. The pics on the treo were ok at best. I really need Palm to put a better camera in that phone.
Saturday morning was spent unpacking some more stuff around the apartment. Its amazing how quickly everything was packed and how log it's taken us to unpack. I also watched the TCU vs. OU game. Wow, I know everyone said it was an upset, but TCU looked in control. The TCU-OU game was still going on, but at 2:00 PM we hit the road for the Baylor vs. SMU game in Dallas. On the way to Waco, we got word that OU had indeed fallen to TCU. The drive was quick, with a quick break in Waco and another just outside of Dallas. There is one issue I would like to take up with the fine folks of SMU: Parking for football games. I drove around for about 20 minutes looking for a place to park. I finally went into a neighborhood and parked there. The game was a little rough at first, but the Bears got it going in the second half and came away with a win. Plus we got to see Josh & Daphne, Kevin & Crissy, Sydney, Archero, & Cameron W. Word on the street was that Dan-ball and Jay were there, along with the one and only Joey. Good times.
We hit the road and stopped at our favorite jack in the box right outside of Dallas. This time, we were disappointed by the fact that they mixed the Diet Coke and regular Doctor Pepper. A person that has been on Atkins as long as I have can tell when there is sugar coming in. And trust me, it feels bad. One more break in Waco for another 44oz Diet Pepsi and we were back on the road to Austin. Along the way we got the good news that the Aggies had lost too!
On this day, Baylor has a better record than OU and the Aggies!


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