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Baylor Wins!

Another excellent weekend, but not without chores. I finally managed to play some Halo 2 this weekend. Check out my stats for one of the games. If the stats disappear, I had 9 snipes, 2 killing sprees (It was CTF) and the requisite churchgoing. If you play with me, you're bound to hear one of 2 things:
That's it, I'm getting the n00b combo. or Oh no, they got the tank. I'm gonna go steal it! And I do, heheh. I think I played until around 2:30 or 3ish. Saturday morning saw more unpacking and sorting out of stuff. I don't know where all this stuff came from in the old apartment, but now I gotta find somewhere to put it in the new place. Seems like a lot of stuff will be going to St. Vincent de Paul or Goodwill. I have a bunch of size 36 pants that I'm getting rid of. What sucks is that the size 34s don't fit very well anymore, either. And I just bought them. But the plan to get to 165 is well under way. Anyways, enough about that.
I also went to the mall and saw the iPod Nano. Man, that thing is totally sweet! I thought about buying it for a while, but decided against it for now. Sure, I have the cash for it, but I'm still waiting for an iPod to do video. The screen is a bit small, but hey, it'll do. The only time I would use it would be for workouts and my morning work outs are spent listening to ESPN and CNN at work. So that only leaves my afternoon runs. It would be nice to have, but its not necessary.
So, I went back to the apartment to do some more unpacking and watch a bit of the ND vs Michigan game. Wow, what a good game! ND looked great, but we had to take off before the game wrapped up. Alas.
As Priscilla and I hit the road, it was raining in Austin. I didn't check the weather on the way out, but it looked like the rain would not hit Waco. Well, it looks like it followed us up there. We were waiting for Sydney to give her the 2005 season tickets and it was POURING down rain, with cold wind, as only a Waco sky could give. But the rain subsided right before kick off. The Bears looked good in the 48-14 win against Samford. And it was great to see a bunch of BU friends including Crissy, J.T., Sydney, Little G, Archero, Cameron W, O'Shields, Southerland, The Rings, Benke, and everyone else.


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