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Interesting Film this weekend

As you all know, thanks to the Regal @ Great Hills Trail, I've been watching more and more independent and foreign films. This weekend Priscilla and I saw Cinq fios Duex. It's a French film about a couple that is getting a divorce, but wait, this film is being told backwards! We see the divorce first, then the crumbling marraige at a small dinner party, then the drama of a complicated childbirth, then their wedding, and finally, how the unhappy couple meets. An interesting film indeed.
One question though, on a personal note:When the heck did I grow up so much. I haven't even made an effort to watch the 40 Year-old Virgin, but when I read the review for this one, I knew I would not miss it!
Next on my list is 2046. Check out the review for yourself and see what should be a really cool movie!


At 10:39 PM, Blogger mcrib96 said...

haven't seen 40 year old virgin?!? dude... what has this world come to?



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