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My 28th Trip around the Sun

No away message.

First there was hurricane Rita, and then there was a crazy week at work. So I apologize to you, my dear reader. But updates are coming, including my dad realizing that he was a refuge and birthday fun. So let's get it going:
My 28th trip around the sun.
This birthday was a bit similar to my last one. But since Priscilla and I have moved to a new place, I have to get up even earlier for the gym. The alarm is set for 5:40 and that’s when I have to get up to make breakfast for me and Priscilla. I got on the road and was at the gym before 6:50ish. These days I'm doing the stair climber as well as an elliptical machine in the morning and I save the running for the evening. But I put them in hard mode, so I kill off about 300-400 calories before breakfast, as I watch CNN and ESPN on the plasmas. After the workout, I grabbed a shower and headed over work.
Chill? Maybe. Maybe not.
Work went pretty well, as good as it normally does. I've automated a bunch of stuff using DTS packages, triggers, and stored procedures, so my workload is a lot lighter now a days. But, because of those advances, I'm now creating an automated system to mimic that of our US counter parts. No problem, I went to Baylor, so I am all over that. I came in and every one was here. Daniel H even got me a new Polo shirt. Awesome! Lunch came quickly and there was only one place to go... Rudy's BBQ! Good place, with lots of chow for everyone. This year it was Hector, Amado, Daniel H, Lenin and Sergio. Good times. Work wrapped up pretty quick and I was off to the house.
Dinner and Athletic Competition

The Birthday Boy
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Priscilla and I went to our favorite 6th street deli for my birthday dinner: Katz's. Nothing like the Low Karb Rueben, some chicken wings and tons of pickles. That’s what I call some good birthday food! After our meal, and watching a bit of A&M vs. SWT aka Texas State, we were off to TCBY for some Lo Carb treats. Sadly, some sorority girls were there (about 30-40, and that TCBY is really small) and I was not able to talk to one of my favorite TCBY employees. I was going to try and see if I could get my ice cream for free from her, but alas, it was not to be.
So we went back home and I went to change for the final volleyball game of he season. On my way to Aussies, Victor called and wished me a happy birthday. He claims the only reason he called is because his phone reminded him. Hehehe. My phone does that, too. I got to Aussies around 9 for our 10 PM game. The girls were already there and bought me 2 Miller Lites for my BDay. I don't really drink much, so 2 are all I needed to get me feeling tipsy. This isn't Rudy from 1999 any more. The game was close, as always but we fell 25-20 and 25-21 if I remember correctly. And thus wrapped up Baylor Alumni Volleyball for the season, with another close loss. I can't wait for next season! I'd like to say whets up to Berta, Nidia, and Marci! We should hang out some time before next season and I'd better see y'all at Homecoming!
2 Baylor caps, 1 Polo shirt, the new Gorillaz CD, Tommy Hilfiger True Star, new Brooks Running shoes, and CA$H


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