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This is How a Heart Breaks

C'est la vie. My dad is in his early 50s and looks like he could knock out a 10K with no problem. The problem is, there was a 99% blockage in his heart. We didn't find this out until he went to the hospital, complaining about chest pains. After a round of tests, the docs concluded that he went just in time and there was no to minimal damage to the heart. From the Cardiology Channel:


Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA), or angioplasty, is an invasive procedure performed to reduce or eliminate blockages in coronary arteries. The goal of PTCA is to restore blood flow to blood-deprived heart tissue, reduce the need for medication, and eliminate or reduce the number of episodes of angina (chest pain).

Opening a blockage, or a plaque, in a coronary artery typically involves the use of an angioplasty balloon. When the blockage is calcified or so dense that a balloon cannot be placed, other devices are used. Plaque can be cut out, ablated with a laser, or bored out using a surgical drill bit. Often, a stent is implanted after angioplasty to keep the artery open and prevent restenosis (regrowth of plaque).

The arteries are accessed through a needle puncture made in the groin (femoral artery) or arm (brachial artery). Usually the femoral artery is used.

More than one blockage can be treated during a single session, depending on the location of the blockages and the patient’s condition. The procedure can take 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the number of blockages being treated.

Angioplasty is recommended for patients with one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Blockage (stenosis) of one or more coronary arteries
  • Angina not well controlled with medication
  • Angina that disrupts daily activities, occurs at rest (i.e., without exercise or exertion), or recurs after heart attack
He is doing well now, and resting at home.
What does this mean for ShadyRudy? Everyone knows I am a devout Atkins follower and have shed lots of weight, along with my running and workout plans. People that haven't seen me in the past few years, will be amazed. If I haven't seen you since college, you'll be amazed. If I haven't seen you since High School, you will be knocked off your feet. All this, thanks to Atkins and me paying my dues on Townlake. I mean, everyone in Austin is training for a 5K. Its the thing to do.
Well, I'm planning on seeing a doc to see what I can do to prevent this type of problem before it escalates to that level.


At 8:00 PM, Blogger mcrib96 said...

hey bro. I'm glad your dad is ok. I'll be sure to keep him and your family in my prayers.


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