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Fiona Apple in my hands

Fiona Apple in my hands
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Today is the day. I've been waiting for a new Fiona Apple album for many, many years. Here is a brief history of me and Fiona. I first heard her music in 1996. I really didn't know who she was, but one of my roomies from freshman year had her picture up in our room. After watching the criminal video, I was hooked for sure. I ran out and bought her album, Tidal ASAP. In those days, I lived with Mark and Eric in the Quad. Since then (early 1997 until May 2002) I would listen to Tidal each and every night. I would sleep to the album, and I had a hard time sleeping without it. Then in 1999, I bought "When the Pawn..." I lived with Porter in "The House" Yea, y'all remember that house. It wasn't all that clear what I was going to do at that time with my life. All I knew is that I had Fiona, and I was happy.
And then, nothing. Nothing for years. No Rumors, no singles, nothing at all. Some Fiona sites I used to goto, just faded away. Her own website was never updated after "When the Pawn.." went platinum. Then, after a few years of silence and rumors of a suppressed album, the internet came through and gave us what we had all been waiting for! New material. Sites would pop up for the Fiona faithful to get their fix. And did we ever. Trust me folks, this is some good stuff here!
But with all that behind us, and the unofficial internet versions of these songs on my computers, I now have the real thing.
Thanks Fiona, and keep them coming!
PS To Sony: I'm Guessing that the little "This audio side of this disc does not conform to CD specifications..." is probably because of the copy protection. Dudes, everyone has this album already. I'm crossing my fingers that this CD plays in the car. If not, there are many, easy ways to get the audio from this disc (Notice how they don't call it a CD) onto standard media. But thanks for treating me like a criminal!


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