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Looking for ShadyRudy

So I did a Google search for ShadyRudy and I got some interesting results. Some I expected, including this blog and my Flickr page, and some odd ones from out of no where.
This particular site,
PubSub is tracking how many people visit my Flickr page. Whoa. Why would they do that and for free, no less. When I mess with the URL a bit, I can see stats for other people, like Dave & Jen Barnes. Oddly enough, back before I used United Devices idle CPU thing, I used SETI. And my old SETI record is up there from the Summer of 2000. 2277 Hours and 3 minutes of CPU time I gave. But that's nothing compared to what I'm up to now. My stats for United Devices are 5 Years, 185 Days, 10 hours and 31 Minutes or 13,210 hours of CPU time.


At 9:57 PM, Blogger jen barnes said...

coolio about that pubsub thingy


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