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Someone is out to get my truck.

That's American made, baby
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As some of you recall, last year I had the transmission in the truck rebuilt after 9 years of service. It came back like new, kicking butt and taking me all over Texas.
Earlier this year, some all star crook decided to steal my XM SkyFi 1 out of the truck and smashed my passenger side window to get it. Of course, once you report a unit stolen to XM, it's deactivated and can never be used again.
Now, some drunken loser in a white or silver Mazda SUV or truck went and hit my truck around 3 or 6 AM on Sunday 27-Nov-2005. The truck moved about 7 feet over and hit a small Mazda 626 on the right. Seems like the Mazda got the worst of the impact, even though my truck was the one that absorbed the direct hit. Both of my tail lights are intact and fully functional. The tailgate was unharmed, but the bumper is a little bent, but it can be replaced relatively easily. I drove it around and everything mechanical seems A-OK. The alignment is fine and the frame looks good, so that a relief. But I am no expert, so we'll see what the body shop says.
What bugs me the most is not the money it's going to cost to repair it, but the hassle of taking it to a place, negotiating a price, dealing with insurance, etc, etc. What a way to end the Thanksgiving holidays. What bugs me the most is that I spent about $30 during the whole "Black Friday weekend" rush, but now I'm looking down the barrel of $500+ in car repairs. Alas.


At 7:50 PM, Blogger mcrib96 said...

Geez... I'm just glad that you guys weren't in the truck when that happened! Hope it all works out for ya!


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