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Shopgirl and Coffee

Priscilla had not seen any previews or reviews for Shopgirl. All she knew was that Claire Danes and Steve Martin were the stars. The first thing that she said when I mentioned Claire Danes was My So Called Life. Everyone that she mentioned the movie to, also mentioned
My So Called Life. I guess I just missed out on it back when it was on. So she rolled the dice and went with me. And boy, was she glad she did!
The premise of Shopgirl is this: A young girl from Vermont moves out to LA. She works at Saks selling gloves. She meets this poor guy that ends up going on tour with a band. She then meets a rich guy that gets her anything she wants. But who will she stay with? The cold, rich guy or the broke, nice guy? There is a lot more to it than this, but I don't want to ruin anything for you, faithful reader. What's cool is that the movie is based on the book Shopgirl written by Steve Martin! I haven't read it, but I would love to! Check it out!

Coffee at La Madeleine
After the movie, Priscilla and I tried out a new place. Well, new to us. I've seen several of these around here and in Houston and off we went. The place has a really cool ambiance, like a small French cafe. Since it was rather late, all we had was coffee and good conversation. You know, I actually prefer it to hanging out at a Starbucks, too. Plus, the coffee is much better. Then again, I am a sucker for French coffee. Besides the coffee, they have a pretty good dinner menu, and hopefully we'll try something from there pretty soon. But overall, La Madeleine is a great place that we'll definitely goto more often!


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