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Free Tools your Treo 650 Can't Live Without

Chat and Browse for Free
I found some free options for those of us that don't want to spend a yearly fee for a fast web browser or AIM client.
If you want a pretty good AIM client, I suggest using Toccer. Its not the best in the world, but its good enough when you're on the go. It isn't as fully featured as Verichat, but its great if you ask me.
Now, anyone who uses Palm's built in browser, Blazer, probably wants to smash their Treos with a hammer. Fear not, for there is a better, free alternative. Navigate to from within your Treo and download the PRC. After a quick download, the Treo will ask you to install it. Say yes, and you're done. Things I like about this browser:
  1. Hitting back does not cause the previous page to reload
  2. FAST page loading. Try browsing eBay on Blazer. OUCH!
  3. JavaScript is supported so sites like Hotmail work
  4. Shortcut keys are fast, when you get used to them. (who needs a stylus!)
Things I didn't like.
  1. When some pages are loading, the browser looks like its going bananas. I think a soft reset is immanent, but then it returns to normal.
  2. Bookmark management stinks. I want my bookmarks on top, not the suggested ones. I have to move up the bookmarks space by space.
  3. Very limited configuration options. I am only 28, not 88. I don't need font that big! There is no way to change font size, or many other things.
All things considered, these 2 FREE!!!!! Treo apps save the day.
Also, be sure to consult you carrier regaurding your data plan. These things use a persistent connection, which WILL use up all your data and you will be charged insane overage charges. Beware! So get an unlimited plan, and you'll be fine.


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