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Xbox 360 Hands on

Xbox 360
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Chicken Soup for the Gamer
So Priscilla has been sick and needed some chicken soup. Me being Mr. Teh Aw3som3 Husband, I went ahead and dropped by Walmart to get her a few things. That, and my friends from reported that Walmart has playable Xbox 360 demos in their stores. So I went ahead and visited the Walmart in Round Rock, next to work. And much to my surprise, there it was.
My turn!!
After waiting in line for some kids to finish playing, I went ahead and reset the unit and started from the start up screen. The new dashboard seems pretty cool, but a lot of the options were disabled. I figured they would be, since there is no Media PC near by.
I spent the whole time playing the WWII game, which was OK. Im not sure if the monitor was really at 720p. The graphics looked current gen, though. I was never thinking "Wow, this is so real and in HD" like when I watch sports on HD. But its 1st gen. I'm sure things will get better as time goes on and the 2nd gen games come out.
The controller
Feels good and is as good as they say it is. Though I have always had trouble with the left shoulder buttons, the overall feel is "just right." I can't say how heavy/light it is, since it was attatched to the Kisok.
You Gonna Get it?
I think so, though no launch title seems to be a must have for me. I'm sure the price won't go down until the PS3 is launched. We'll see what I decide to do as the time nears, especially since I'm looking to buy a Dell Media Center PC and an HD tv, possibly the 50" Dell plasma in the near future.


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