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Looking for ShadyRudy

So I did a Google search for ShadyRudy and I got some interesting results. Some I expected, including this blog and my Flickr page, and some odd ones from out of no where.
This particular site,
PubSub is tracking how many people visit my Flickr page. Whoa. Why would they do that and for free, no less. When I mess with the URL a bit, I can see stats for other people, like Dave & Jen Barnes. Oddly enough, back before I used United Devices idle CPU thing, I used SETI. And my old SETI record is up there from the Summer of 2000. 2277 Hours and 3 minutes of CPU time I gave. But that's nothing compared to what I'm up to now. My stats for United Devices are 5 Years, 185 Days, 10 hours and 31 Minutes or 13,210 hours of CPU time.

iTunes Top 25

I had to rebuild my library because all my Tori Amos & Alanis were in the wrong spot, so the play count for them went down to zero. Had it not been for that, Tori would probably have 10 of the top 25 spots.

Song Artist Album Rating Play Count Date
Je T'aime tant Julie Delpy Before Sunset ***** 62 10-Jan-06
Extraordinary Machine Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine - Internet **** 61 10-Jan-06
Slow Like Honey Fiona Apple Tidal ***** 60 12-Jan-06
Sullen Girl Fiona Apple Tidal ***** 59 12-Jan-06
Barcarolle (Night Of Stars) Charlotte Church Charlotte Church ***** 58 19-Jan-06
O Mio Babbino Caro Charlotte Church Charlotte Church ***** 57 19-Jan-06
Sleep To Dream Fiona Apple Tidal ***** 57 12-Jan-06
Shadowboxer Fiona Apple Tidal **** 57 12-Jan-06
Criminal Fiona Apple Tidal ***** 57 12-Jan-06
Angel Sarah McLachlan City Of Angels ***** 57 18-Jan-06
Lascia Ch'io Pianga Charlotte Church Charlotte Church **** 56 19-Jan-06
The First Taste Fiona Apple Tidal ***** 55 12-Jan-06
A Waltz for a Night Julie Delpy Before Sunset ***** 55 10-Jan-06
An Ocean Apart Julie Delpy Before Sunset ***** 55 10-Jan-06
La Pastorella Charlotte Church Charlotte Church ***** 54 19-Jan-06
Never Is A Promise Fiona Apple Tidal ***** 54 12-Jan-06
The Child Is Gone Fiona Apple Tidal **** 54 12-Jan-06
Waltz Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine - Internet ***** 53 10-Jan-06
Uninvited Alanis Morissette City Of Angels ***** 52 18-Jan-06
Pale September Fiona Apple Tidal ***** 52 12-Jan-06
Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Redeemer Charlotte Church Charlotte Church **** 51 19-Jan-06
Iris Goo Goo Dolls City Of Angels ***** 50 18-Jan-06
Just Wave Hello Charlotte Church Charlotte Church ***** 49 19-Jan-06
The Holy City Charlotte Church Charlotte Church **** 47 19-Jan-06
The Last Rose Of Summer Charlotte Church Charlotte Church ***** 47 19-Jan-06

Also, Extraordinary Machine is the leaked version, not the official version. However, the official version is quickly gaining on the leaked version.


Technology - Before Sunrise

From one of my favorite movies, Before Sunrise:
Jesse: Its all these people talking about how great technology is, and how it saves all this time. But, what good is saved time, if nobody uses it? If it just turns into more busy work.
Selene: Yeah.
: Right, I mean, you never hear somebody say, "Well, y'know, with, uh, the time I've saved by using my word processor, I'm gonna go to a Zen monastery and hang out." I mean, you never hear that.

That's how I feel about some of the projects I work on. They are all cool and do all this awesome stuff, but in the end, I know my end users are going to end up with more busy work.


Does everyone have a MySpace account

Ok, so I have a MySpace account, too. After listening to O & A go on and on about their accounts I made one, too. And to my surprise, several of my friends had one, too! Supposedly, its used for friends, networking and dating. So far, I've only used it for friends. I would like to use it for networking, but I haven't found any groups besides the O & A groups. And dating, well, that's probably not a good idea for me. ;)
So, feel free to add me to your buddy list!


Free Tools your Treo 650 Can't Live Without

Chat and Browse for Free
I found some free options for those of us that don't want to spend a yearly fee for a fast web browser or AIM client.
If you want a pretty good AIM client, I suggest using Toccer. Its not the best in the world, but its good enough when you're on the go. It isn't as fully featured as Verichat, but its great if you ask me.
Now, anyone who uses Palm's built in browser, Blazer, probably wants to smash their Treos with a hammer. Fear not, for there is a better, free alternative. Navigate to from within your Treo and download the PRC. After a quick download, the Treo will ask you to install it. Say yes, and you're done. Things I like about this browser:
  1. Hitting back does not cause the previous page to reload
  2. FAST page loading. Try browsing eBay on Blazer. OUCH!
  3. JavaScript is supported so sites like Hotmail work
  4. Shortcut keys are fast, when you get used to them. (who needs a stylus!)
Things I didn't like.
  1. When some pages are loading, the browser looks like its going bananas. I think a soft reset is immanent, but then it returns to normal.
  2. Bookmark management stinks. I want my bookmarks on top, not the suggested ones. I have to move up the bookmarks space by space.
  3. Very limited configuration options. I am only 28, not 88. I don't need font that big! There is no way to change font size, or many other things.
All things considered, these 2 FREE!!!!! Treo apps save the day.
Also, be sure to consult you carrier regaurding your data plan. These things use a persistent connection, which WILL use up all your data and you will be charged insane overage charges. Beware! So get an unlimited plan, and you'll be fine.


Happy 2006!

Welcome to 2006
Hello to all. Yes, I know it has been a while since my last post, and I apologize for my lack of updates. Since my last post, I've been to Colorado and Wyoming. Sold an XBox 360 on ebay and spent New Years in Houston with my family and Cary Porter.
I've seen several movies that were cool, like Walk the Line, Munich, Just like Heaven, Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, The Producers, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Cheaper by the Dozen 2.
And I saw some that I was like, "Ehhh, I'd rather be playing Halo 2" including The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe and Jarhead. I haven't seen King Kong and I probably won't since its quite long and I kinda already know what happens. Come on here, can I get an intermission?
Oh, I also have a MySpace account here so feel free to add me to your buddy list. I'll probably use it to post blurbs on my friends' pages and to get any updates on their lives, too. I've pointed them to come here for updates, though. I dunno, I have more content here than there, so I'll keep em coming here for my updates.
Any Goals?
One thing for sure that I want to do this year is run in the Freescale Marathon. (Why is the web address still They split up, a few years ago!) After the Holidays, I am not in top form anymore, like I was in August. But that's going to change here in a hurry. With my training for that, I'm bound to lose plenty of weight. But my goal weight is 165, though I'd be happy with anything below 175. You could call 165 the stretch goal. Dell people, we know all about the stretch goal! I know, you think that's too thin for me. Especially for those that last saw me when I was around or 240. Yea, that was a long time ago, but there are those who haven't seen me since 1996 or so. (C/O '96, I'm looking at you!) Needless to say, I've paid my dues around Townlake and I'm ready to start it up again after a few months off.
Looking forward to:
Lady Bear Conference play
Baylor Baseball
New Car(I know, this makes the 3rd year I said I was going to get one, but take it easy!)
Unity Night - Porter, you better be there!
Austin Wranglers Arena Football
Baylor Football
Hopefully returning to New Orleans.
Hopefully a trip to Paris, France.
Xbox 360 of my own.
Nintendo Revolution
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Hanging out with my friends every chance I get.