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My 28th Trip around the Sun

No away message.

First there was hurricane Rita, and then there was a crazy week at work. So I apologize to you, my dear reader. But updates are coming, including my dad realizing that he was a refuge and birthday fun. So let's get it going:
My 28th trip around the sun.
This birthday was a bit similar to my last one. But since Priscilla and I have moved to a new place, I have to get up even earlier for the gym. The alarm is set for 5:40 and that’s when I have to get up to make breakfast for me and Priscilla. I got on the road and was at the gym before 6:50ish. These days I'm doing the stair climber as well as an elliptical machine in the morning and I save the running for the evening. But I put them in hard mode, so I kill off about 300-400 calories before breakfast, as I watch CNN and ESPN on the plasmas. After the workout, I grabbed a shower and headed over work.
Chill? Maybe. Maybe not.
Work went pretty well, as good as it normally does. I've automated a bunch of stuff using DTS packages, triggers, and stored procedures, so my workload is a lot lighter now a days. But, because of those advances, I'm now creating an automated system to mimic that of our US counter parts. No problem, I went to Baylor, so I am all over that. I came in and every one was here. Daniel H even got me a new Polo shirt. Awesome! Lunch came quickly and there was only one place to go... Rudy's BBQ! Good place, with lots of chow for everyone. This year it was Hector, Amado, Daniel H, Lenin and Sergio. Good times. Work wrapped up pretty quick and I was off to the house.
Dinner and Athletic Competition

The Birthday Boy
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Priscilla and I went to our favorite 6th street deli for my birthday dinner: Katz's. Nothing like the Low Karb Rueben, some chicken wings and tons of pickles. That’s what I call some good birthday food! After our meal, and watching a bit of A&M vs. SWT aka Texas State, we were off to TCBY for some Lo Carb treats. Sadly, some sorority girls were there (about 30-40, and that TCBY is really small) and I was not able to talk to one of my favorite TCBY employees. I was going to try and see if I could get my ice cream for free from her, but alas, it was not to be.
So we went back home and I went to change for the final volleyball game of he season. On my way to Aussies, Victor called and wished me a happy birthday. He claims the only reason he called is because his phone reminded him. Hehehe. My phone does that, too. I got to Aussies around 9 for our 10 PM game. The girls were already there and bought me 2 Miller Lites for my BDay. I don't really drink much, so 2 are all I needed to get me feeling tipsy. This isn't Rudy from 1999 any more. The game was close, as always but we fell 25-20 and 25-21 if I remember correctly. And thus wrapped up Baylor Alumni Volleyball for the season, with another close loss. I can't wait for next season! I'd like to say whets up to Berta, Nidia, and Marci! We should hang out some time before next season and I'd better see y'all at Homecoming!
2 Baylor caps, 1 Polo shirt, the new Gorillaz CD, Tommy Hilfiger True Star, new Brooks Running shoes, and CA$H


Interesting Film this weekend

As you all know, thanks to the Regal @ Great Hills Trail, I've been watching more and more independent and foreign films. This weekend Priscilla and I saw Cinq fios Duex. It's a French film about a couple that is getting a divorce, but wait, this film is being told backwards! We see the divorce first, then the crumbling marraige at a small dinner party, then the drama of a complicated childbirth, then their wedding, and finally, how the unhappy couple meets. An interesting film indeed.
One question though, on a personal note:When the heck did I grow up so much. I haven't even made an effort to watch the 40 Year-old Virgin, but when I read the review for this one, I knew I would not miss it!
Next on my list is 2046. Check out the review for yourself and see what should be a really cool movie!

Baylor is 3-0!

Baylor beat Army this weekend and is now 3-0! Sure there are many that say we had an easy schedule, but we beat SMU, that beat TCU. Then again, A&M rolled over SMU with ease. We shall see what happens in 2 weeks. Also, what was up with the spotty ESPN Classic coverage? When the signal was lost, we were treated to the 1992 Notre Dame season. Interesting, but not what I wanted to see. I had to resort to the chat room on for updates. Those guys crack me up, especially the trolls.


I <3 Joystiq

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Ok guys, here is what ya asked for. I picture of me, holding something that says I <3 Joystiq. Notice it also says:
Non, je l'ai raté
which means "No, I failed it."
Now where is my TGS loot?


Sun Flyover

Sun Flyover
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About a week ago Sun flew this plane over AMD, near where Priscilla works. About an hour later, the plane came up here, to Round Rock. Here is a pic one of the guys from work snapped. My Treo was not mighty enough to zoom into the text, but here it is.



Ok, so I'm turning in the Time Warner DVR here pretty soon. I'm paying quite a bit a month to use it and there has got to be a better alternative. One alternative is Tivo, but it looks like you have to pay $300 once or $12-$13 a month for the program guide. Hmm... That, and I can't record one show while watching another. Nor can I record 2 shows at once and watch a 3rd recorded show. Which is key, because the few TV shows I do watch, tend to over lap.
What am I gonna do? The geeky thing, of course!
I downloaded the ISO yesterday and I'm installing it on a test system right now. If all goes well, I plan to buy another desktop and move it to the back. The desktop will act as a backend and actually record the shows and house media. I'll then use a laptop as a frontend and hook it up to the TV. That will display the recorded shows. I don't really watch much TV aside from the WWE, CSI (The original), Survivor, and Without a Trace. The only other shows being NFL or Arena Football. We'll see how things go on the test system:
Optiplex GX150
256 MB Ram
No video capture card
No TV out (Not needed at this point)
Built In Intel 810 Audio (Just a guess)
We'll see how it goes. If all looks good, I'll install in the laptop and go from there. I know, I should install the desktop first, but I don't have one yet. The only desktop I have at home is my Old School Toshiba which runs at a blazing 333mhz. Oh yea!


Baylor Wins!

Another excellent weekend, but not without chores. I finally managed to play some Halo 2 this weekend. Check out my stats for one of the games. If the stats disappear, I had 9 snipes, 2 killing sprees (It was CTF) and the requisite churchgoing. If you play with me, you're bound to hear one of 2 things:
That's it, I'm getting the n00b combo. or Oh no, they got the tank. I'm gonna go steal it! And I do, heheh. I think I played until around 2:30 or 3ish. Saturday morning saw more unpacking and sorting out of stuff. I don't know where all this stuff came from in the old apartment, but now I gotta find somewhere to put it in the new place. Seems like a lot of stuff will be going to St. Vincent de Paul or Goodwill. I have a bunch of size 36 pants that I'm getting rid of. What sucks is that the size 34s don't fit very well anymore, either. And I just bought them. But the plan to get to 165 is well under way. Anyways, enough about that.
I also went to the mall and saw the iPod Nano. Man, that thing is totally sweet! I thought about buying it for a while, but decided against it for now. Sure, I have the cash for it, but I'm still waiting for an iPod to do video. The screen is a bit small, but hey, it'll do. The only time I would use it would be for workouts and my morning work outs are spent listening to ESPN and CNN at work. So that only leaves my afternoon runs. It would be nice to have, but its not necessary.
So, I went back to the apartment to do some more unpacking and watch a bit of the ND vs Michigan game. Wow, what a good game! ND looked great, but we had to take off before the game wrapped up. Alas.
As Priscilla and I hit the road, it was raining in Austin. I didn't check the weather on the way out, but it looked like the rain would not hit Waco. Well, it looks like it followed us up there. We were waiting for Sydney to give her the 2005 season tickets and it was POURING down rain, with cold wind, as only a Waco sky could give. But the rain subsided right before kick off. The Bears looked good in the 48-14 win against Samford. And it was great to see a bunch of BU friends including Crissy, J.T., Sydney, Little G, Archero, Cameron W, O'Shields, Southerland, The Rings, Benke, and everyone else.


Pretty Cool

As I write this, I am getting ready to take off for the Baylor football game today. It should be a good time and the Baylor Bears look to be 2-0 for the first time in a while.
This week was pretty cool. Work was work, but I went to a training class at Executrain Austin on Thursday and Friday. It was an SQL server class geared to Access people moving to SQL server. But I did learn some tricks that I can use in my everyday tasks. Hopefully work will pay for the next one in the series. With those 2 classes under my belt, I can pass 70-229 no problem.
I also went running in the new neighborhood. It was different and there is a cool breeze going through the whole way. It's nice now, but the wind is gonna sting come winter time.
I'm off to spend 2.89/gallon on gas and grab some chow. I'll see y'all at the game!


The Newsome Blog

Here is a link to Misty and Eric's blog. Check it out!
The Newsome Blog


An excellent Weekend

The weekend kicked off with a bang at the Tori Amos concert. The set list was ok, with only a few of my faves making it. The Backyard has changed a ton from the last time I was there. It used to look like a cozy amphitheater in the middle of the woods. Now, its an amphitheater in what looks like a strip mall. I wouldn't be surprised if you could see Old Navy or Kohls over the stage once the construction is complete. The pics on the treo were ok at best. I really need Palm to put a better camera in that phone.
Saturday morning was spent unpacking some more stuff around the apartment. Its amazing how quickly everything was packed and how log it's taken us to unpack. I also watched the TCU vs. OU game. Wow, I know everyone said it was an upset, but TCU looked in control. The TCU-OU game was still going on, but at 2:00 PM we hit the road for the Baylor vs. SMU game in Dallas. On the way to Waco, we got word that OU had indeed fallen to TCU. The drive was quick, with a quick break in Waco and another just outside of Dallas. There is one issue I would like to take up with the fine folks of SMU: Parking for football games. I drove around for about 20 minutes looking for a place to park. I finally went into a neighborhood and parked there. The game was a little rough at first, but the Bears got it going in the second half and came away with a win. Plus we got to see Josh & Daphne, Kevin & Crissy, Sydney, Archero, & Cameron W. Word on the street was that Dan-ball and Jay were there, along with the one and only Joey. Good times.
We hit the road and stopped at our favorite jack in the box right outside of Dallas. This time, we were disappointed by the fact that they mixed the Diet Coke and regular Doctor Pepper. A person that has been on Atkins as long as I have can tell when there is sugar coming in. And trust me, it feels bad. One more break in Waco for another 44oz Diet Pepsi and we were back on the road to Austin. Along the way we got the good news that the Aggies had lost too!
On this day, Baylor has a better record than OU and the Aggies!


It's 02-Sep-2005 and Priscilla and I are going to the Tori Amos concert tonight. It should be a blast.
Posted on my Treo 650.

Honest, this is it!

I have had several of these things all over the place, and I always think of things to write. The one on MSN Spaces hasn't been updated since March. I was going to use it as a weight loss journal, as I worked to cut some weight. I'm now 10 pounds lighter than when I started over there, but not a single update. I guess I got frustrated that the mobile blog type of thing didnt work from my phone.
I think I'll keep the one on AIM and use it as a 2 line per post kind of thing. With a 2 line max, I can write stuff, but keep it short and sweet. I like that I can post things via AIM as well.
Since I'm cutting down on /.ing at work, I havent updated the slashdot one in a while, too. But cutting back on /. has helped my productivity, big time. But I still make time for it at la casa.
But this one, I would like to incorporate Flickr and other junk too.
Once my new apartment gets set up, I would also like to get some VBlogging going on, sorta like But for that, I would have to break out the camera and such. Good thing there is a good guide out there for those looking to start Vlogging.
So, my commitment to you, dear reader, is to post several times a week. I won't say 7 and I won't go as low at 1. There is a lot of stuff going on right now, and with all these changes, now is a great time to get it going again!