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Good movies on a Great Weekend

Cool Movies
This weekend Priscilla and I went to see Capote. It was really interesting. Apparently, Phillip Seymour Hoffman does a knock out job at playing Truman Capote. If you haven't heard, the story is about Truman Capote writing a book about a quadruple murder in rural Kansas in 1959. He goes on to interview the and develop a strange, pseudo friendship with the two killers during their prison terms. I won't go into it too much, but you should check it out.
On Sunday, I ventured out to the Landmark Dobie theater on Guadalupe, or "the drag" as Austinites call it. For all you Baylor folks, imagine a movie theater in the middle of the SUB or a mall food court. That pretty much describes it. It's very old school, but Landmark Theaters are owned by Mark Cuban. That's Right, Mr. Dallas Mavericks owns a chain of movie theaters, along with 2929 a production company and the HDNet channels that people with HDTVs love so much.
So, I keep up with his blog and he mentioned the movie Bubble. So off I went, to see what it was all about. Now, I checked fandango, and it said the movie was going to use some fancy DLP projector, so I was excited about that, too. So off I went. The movie was pretty good. I really don't think the DLP projection really added anything to it. I could see the stitch count in people's clothes, but that was about it. There was no nature stuff or Sports footage; things people usually think of with stuff in HD. But it didn't take away from the movie, either. The movie was kinda short, but good. I don't believe this one will make it to my personal collection, but here is where I was there when history was made.
Bubble is the first movie to be released in the theater, DVD and Pay Per view at the same time. Mark Cuban figures that eliminating what the industry calls "release windows" will bring in more money. In other words, you enjoy the movie the way you want. Don't want to sit with teenagers texting and talking through the whole thing? Just buy it on Pay per view. After watching it on Pay Per View, you want to own it? Hop on Amazon or go out to Best Buy and pick it up that same day! No more waiting 3 months before a movie comes out on DVD.
Good Eats
So Priscilla and I are crazy about the TGI Friday's Atkins menu and they brought back the Appetizer, Entree, Desert for 12.99 deal. And we were there to take advantage! Priscilla got the lo Carb enchilada and I got that Chicken with tons of melted cheese. Sadly, the buffalo wings aren't included in the 12.99 deal, but I got them anyways! Let me tell you, the menu doesn't have a lot of things on there, but the selection they have is great!
As you may have heard, I am running in this year's Freescale Marathon. I did some training over on Southwest park way using the clothes I'll be wearing on race day. It went pretty well. I'll be doing a 10 mile run sometime this weekend, so wish me luck!


At 7:57 PM, Blogger mcrib96 said...

10 miles?!? holy cow dude! you're crazy! you mos' likely won't see me runnin' unless i'm being chased by someone or something..


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