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Non Stop Coding & Good Tunes

Today was actually pretty fun at work. I was actually coding all day, instead of my usual ad-hoc reports and statistical analysis for people. It felt great just to mash out some code. For people that don't understand programming, to people like me, it's not really work, but creating something out of nothing. I won't go into the gory details, but I actually like days like this. I just cranked up the Hootie and away I went.
We also had a baby shower for Daniel HHH. Little David HHH is due any day now and I'm glad his new son will be a Virgo much like me, Fiona Apple, Scott Baio and other famous Virgos. Yes, I share a birthday with Mr. Charles in Charge himself.
Also, while tooling around in iTunes I found this cool station named Magnatunes. They play ambient music, so its pretty cool to have in the background while working, etc. Turns out they have a web page where you can buy the music they play there. Except they sell the music how you want it(MP3,Ogg,FLAC) instead of protected AAC or WMA. Plus 50% of every sale goes to the artists. Pretty cool! Check them out today!


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