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One Month to Go

Yea, I know it's been too long since I've posted anything. Since my last post, a lot of things have happened over here. On the good side of things I went to see Fiona Apple and Hootie & the Blowfish in concert here in Austin. I've been enjoying possibly the best season of Big Brother and I've been working out pretty much everyday, be it running or weightlifting. I also got a new car and went to Chicago! Plus, I accepted an offer from another department in Dell, so after 5 years of Round Rock 7, I'm moving to Round Rock 2!
On the bad side of things, my poor truck had to be retired. I quit the Atkins diet and moved over to the Fat Smash Diet. It's kinda working, but nothing like the success I had with Atkins. And worst of all, Priscilla's mother passed away. So, I've dealing with that and helping her cope.
Why then, did I wait so long to post anything? Honestly, I am so busy these days. What is keeping me busy, you ask? Besides Big Brother and WWE, I'm not watching TV. Mostly, I listen to iTunes or or watch DVDs on my system. If I'm not working out, I'm prepping food for the next day or washing dishes. When I do get a minute to chill, I'll play a little Halo 2 or read some Tom Clancy books.
Now, normally I would link to the book I'm reading or my Halo 2 stats, but I want to get this published ASAP. Why, you ask? I was checking out this website where the writer says give something a shot for 30 days. And guess what, thats how many days till my 29th birthday. Well, it's 31 days, but thats OK. What will I write about? All the stuff I usually want to write about, but I never sit down and do it. Everyday, I think of a topic to write about and everyday, I get home, workout, shower, eat dinner, clean up and goto bed. Sure, there is some Big Bother or WWE in there, along with MySpace trolling. But for the next 30 Days, you will get new content from me. I will post the same things on my blog over on MySpace and I will start my daily updates at my 2 line a day AOL blog. Let see what we get by 09/22/2006.
PS Happy Birthday to Tori Amos. Those who know me best, know how much I love her music.


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