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Good times had by all

Well, reunion 1996 is all wrapped up. I hope to see people more often that every 10 years. It was kinda funny how we all clique'd off almost immediately. I, of course was at the band table with Trish, Alfred, Jason and Juan. Christina was with us, and I was happy to learn that she is in Austin, too. I found it funny that the Trina-Eva-Katherine-Marie group all have kids around the same age and some with similar names to boot.
So, as y'all know I've been doing a yoga program every other day or so. Saturday morning I was doing head stands and a positon called Hala-Asana which is known as the plow pose or the "burning hamstrings" pose. So, Estella asks me to dance with her for a song or 2. Now, keep in mind that I had also driven 3 hours to Houston about 20 minutes after wrapping up my yoga for the day. I felt OK at first, but by 10PM, my hamstrings were angry with me. They still are, in fact. This all builds up to the fact that my dance with Estella was an absolute abomination. So, Estella, I owe you one.
Tomorrow is Baylor Playoff Volleyball at Zilker Park at 6:15PM. All I can say is good luck bro. And, as if I didn't have enough to do,
I have "Train for the Cure" tomorrow at 06:30AM, so I am off to bed. One more thing, folks. As you can see, when I say really busy, I am not going home to watch TV. I am literally everywhere and this is just Monday! And with Football season and Baylor Alumni Kickball season coming up, things are going to get interesting for me.


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