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At least show up!

So, I was really excited with this Baylor Bear Volleyball thing we got going on. We even made the play offs at 3-3. But here is the thing. After 6 games, you would think that people would at least show up for the 3 post season games today, seeing how we had a good chance to win our division. But nope, it didn't go that way. I know that aa 6:15 scheduled start time is tough for everyone, but come on. I work in Round Rock and I still managed to make it at 6, that was with a stop at Mc Donald's to change in the rest room.
So, as the 3 others that showed up and went to the bar, what did I do? I ran the Townlake trail, that's what I did. Now with the volleyball season in the books, hopefully I can get some longer runs in on Tuesdays with shorter runs on
Mondays. With the "Train for the Cure" stuff on Monday mornings, I shouldn't have to go that hard on Monday afternoons. But hey, fall kickball is right around the corner, so If you are female, live in or near Austin, and want to play co-rec sports with cool Baylor Alums, let me know!


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