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False Alarm

So one of my co-workers ran out of the building like a mad man yesterday. The word was contractions were 3 minutes apart and it was time to go. But when they got to the hospital, the staff gave them the big NOGO. Looks like it wasn't quite time to have the baby. The way things are looking, the baby will have to delay going into school by a year, which is what Daniel is really worried about. Nevermind the pain his wife is going through.
As you all know I was born in September, but I never really noticed the fact that I was one of the older kids in class. It wasn't until I got to Baylor that I noticed something was up. People like Dan-Ball and Victor were also born in 1977, but they were a year ahead of me. That's not cool. But when I think about it, if I would have entered school a year earlier, I would have had a whole different batch of friends while going through school. How odd would that have been? How would things be different than they are now? It's one of those things that make you go "Hmmm"
Well, if all goes as planned, Danielle should be shown the door tonight on big brother. But the show is ending in a few days, so they are really going to have to start moving people out of there. There should be a double eviction tonight, and I'm still holding out hope that the lone season-sixer will stay in the game. Also, how about that Chicken George. He has done a masterful job of playing the Non-Threat guy all season. Here is the thing, unless he goes up against Dr. Will, I believe he could win the game. Seriously, who would have a real reason to dislike him. We shall see, as BB& winds down.


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