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Not Even a Week

I've only been doing the Daily Yoga Today program for about a week and I already feel myself loosening up. Every knows my trouble areas are my hamstrings and my calves. But the program is really focusing on those areas. Hopefully, within a few months I'll be able to pull off The Nobel Pose without issues. I'm close when sitting, but I still have a ways to go when trying this pose while
it is right now.
Speaking of the olde body, I have my sickness for the year. Anyone that's known me for any length of time can tell you that I only get sick about once per year. I don't know what it was, but it had to be some grade A stuff. I started feeling a little off on Monday and by Tuesday I had the scratchy throat. That scratch throat is always a sign of bad things to come. So, this morning, I felt like a pile of trash. Of course, me being me, I tried to sweat it out today. After a good workout in the morning, I felt like a train wreck all day. But in the afternoon, I felt a lot better. By the time I got home and did my Yoga, I was feeling pretty good. Not 100%, but pretty good. We'll see how things are tomorrow.
One more thing, Daniel HHH ran out of work because his wife started having contractions 2 minutes apart. Maybe they'll be a new member of the HHH by the morning. Good luck, bro.


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