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I'll try not to get too technical, since a lot of my readers will probably have no clue as to what I'm writing about. But the point remains the same, so here we go.
I've been working on this one project at work for about a year. I was in charge of coding and documenting the project from top to bottom. Along the way, I got caught up in a sea of requests for changes and modifications. In fact, even though these are my last few weeks on the project and the team, requests for changes and updates are still rolling in. It's not that I did a crappy job, it's that everyone wants a change here or a change there to benefit their part of the project. Now, in this firestorm of changes, I was not able to code out the reporting piece of the project. The technology we were slated to use was something called OLAP cubes. Now, I had done a lot of reading on the subject, but I had yet to use it in a production or even a development environment. So, that part of the project was assigned to one of my friends by the project manager. Unfortunately, that guy works in another department and is not able to give us support should something go awry. And we had a server move last quarter, and yes, we had issues. Now, the guy did help us out a bit, but the issues remained and he couldn't dedicate too much of his time to helping us out, since he had his own responsibilities.
So, eMails and voicemails started popping up in my inboxes about why everything wasn't working like it used to. So, what happened? I pretty much had to re-write the core pieces of the reporting side of the project from scratch. And yes, I did use OLAP cubes.
What it all boils down to is the fact that I should have taken on that part of the project from the beginning. I'm pretty sure I could have made some time for the reporting side of the project, but I just let it go to someone else. I have the experience setting up OLAP cubes now, but I could have done it a while back, and possibly deployed some cool stuff for the team. Lesson learned, be assertive and get after it. No need to hang out on the sidelines when I know that I can kick some butt.


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