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Jim Norton Killed!

So, around 3PM, I hit the road, bound for Addison, TX. What was I going to do a few miles outside of Dallas the night before the Baylor football season opener? Go watch Little Jimmy Norton, of course. The show was great and I had a ton of fun. The waitstaff was OK and the valet was overwhelmed, but besides that, nothing would spoil my fun. Oh yea, there was also a 2 item minimum at the comedy club, so I had a coke and some chicken wings. To top it all off, I got a picture with Jimmy! The will be up on Flickr pretty soon. Sadly, I wasn't able to buy any Norton merchandise because, like always, I had no cash and Club Soda Kenny did not take credit cards. So, my plan is to print out the pic of me and Jimmy then have him autograph it and frame that bad boy.
Hopefully, Jimmy will get his tail down to Texas more often. If not, I'll go up to see him somewhere in the New York area sometime this winter. So, if you're never seen Jimmy live, I recommend it. I got back to Waco around 1AM and went to bed almost immediately. I needed my rest as the next day was going to be quiet action packed.


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