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Baylor falls short vs TCU

This year I'm taping the pre-game and halftime show for BUGWB, which means I'm in the pressbox again. Actually, I am above the press box on the roof. That's not a place for someone who is afraid of heights. But it's really cool up there, especially watching all of the band formations appear before my eyes. For the most part, my band career was spent as a gear in a very large machine. But now, I can watch that machine in action. Now, there were some rough spots, but hey, its the first show of the year. Things happen, right? But I'm sure that it'll all get ironed out here pretty soon.
On to the football team. There are a lot of signs of greatness there. The first half was tip-top. Though my brain was still in Arena football mode for a bit, and I feared that TCU would try to run back a missed field goal. Then I realized there was no slack net to kick at. In the end, Bears fell 17-7 against the number 22 team in the country, but you could see there are special things going on. The defense looks really good, but I hope we can put up more points in the next 2 weeks. We shall see what happens. Have a happy Labour Day tomorrow!


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