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Shady's Movie Reveiw: World Trade Center

So for Labour day I decided to take in a movie. I wanted to goto the 3PM showing of World Trade Center, but instead I went to lunch at Pok-e-Joes at that time. Mmmmm, chicken and turkey special. So off to the 4PM showing I went. I didn't know how they would handle the events of the day, but it was all handled with class. There are a bunch of "that guy" actors in the film, so I was pleasently surprised. Making an appearence include Curtis as a Doctor and the Mike Novick, the President's Advisor from 24, playing a cop.
It did raise some questions for me, such as how did WTC 7 go down? I'm gonna have to check Wikipedia for that.
Also, every Labour day, Austin has a free day of yoga. I really wanted to take in a class at Yoga Vida, but the movie didn't finish until about 6:20. The class started at 6:30 so there was no hope that I would make it on time. So, instead, I did my daily Yoga Today program. I think I'd do the Abs episode workout some more. My abs were burning most of the way through. We'll see how I do tomorrow at the running class.


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